get creative

Why Morris Interactive?

Your idea deserves to be heard. Morris Interactive turns ideas into solutions to communicate your messages clearly, meet your goals, and exceed expectations. From thought leadership and business strategy to everyday employee communication and team engagement.

Entrepreneurial energy changes the world and pushes humanity forward.

Each one of us has the ability to create something new every day — a business, a startup, a song, a photograph, an organization, or an event. At Morris Interactive, our mission is to give everyone the power to turn their creative ideas into reality and build brands around them!

It starts with people...It started with people! Two guys thought that they could make a difference in the way organizations engage communicate and treat one another. Starting primarily as a training and development company and growing into the consultancy firm we are today.

At Morris Interactive, our consultants help companies create truly connected cultures, starting with how we work together as a team.

Our consultants offer the right mix of experience, and expertise. High-stakes strategy to informal meetings. We offer modular development sessions that address a variety of audiences. Viewer-guided and on-demand experiences. The delivery is dynamic and nimble to help propel your company forward.

Morris consultants believe;

The best conversations are face-to-face! We’re bringing business back to the future where every conversation is face-to-face. We strive for high engagement meetings and want to leave you with a feeling of ‘that was a great experience’.

We believe that every human being is by nature creative and entrepreneurial and wants to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

We’re incredibly proud of the company that Morris Interactive has become since we opened our doors in 2003. We’re equally excited about where we’re headed in the coming years. As we expand into major metropolitan markets across Canada, we’ll strive to become one of the most people focused & connected companies. And in the future, we want Morris Interactive to be more than a best place to work, we want it to be the most impactful company you’ve ever worked with or for.