Our company, LPC Consulting recently was acquired by Morris Interactive and as I write this we are a few months in to our new relationship. It has become apparent that while some things have changed most of what I do in a day has remained the same. Our division of Morris Interactive spends a lot of time on growing existing relationships to help our clients expand their market share.

Now that we have successfully integrated through the first quarter, I thought it was time to share some of the knowledge and insight I have gained over the past 30 years of business in Saskatchewan.

I was thinking about what might be a good focus and as I listened to Mayor Don Atchison give his opinion on the provincial election results this morning, something he said resonated with me.

Don pointed out that relationships are crucial and the Saskatchewan Party’s 2016 win in the provincial election means that Saskatchewanians do not have to go out and establish new relationships with new elected representatives. He said that this simple fact is highly underrated, as solid relationships are key to getting things done in every aspect of life.

Amen to that.

As I listened to my mayor I thought about the importance of strong, solid relationships and how those relationships relate to successful business practices.

Relationships in the Mining Industry have become paramount, and having a relationship with key folks in the industry translates in to trust.

For example, if a supplier has a new idea that could bring true value to a mining company like PCS, Mosaic or Agrium, it is a huge job to get the message to these companies.

The purchasing folks at these three companies are inundated with calls from suppliers with great ideas, but they have very little time to spend listening. And with the downturn in the Alberta market (and markets in general) suppliers are much hungrier than they were even two years ago. The challenge for the suppliers is, how to get their great ideas to the right people.

I believe this challenge can be surmounted when suppliers have the right people, with the right relationships, opening doors with the mining companies they are trying to engage and building those relationships. Like Mayor Atchison said, relationships are often underrated and a good relationship can translate to a simpler word called trust – and it is that trust that connects suppliers to opportunities in the Mining Industry.

Similar to the aftermath of an election, when key people in the Mining Industry move on, suppliers need to be aware of it and work very hard at establishing those new relationships.

At Morris Interactive we believe that having a good strategy on relationship building will serve suppliers well. In addition, suppliers must persevere, recognizing that the industry truly wants to hear about new and innovative ways they can be better served.

Trust the building of relationships and the leveraging of existing ones!!!

- Lester Cey, Senior Manager- Business Development