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People Development

“In order to thrive in the competitive environment for talent, grow your teams and create highly engaged cultures, organizations need to put the focus on their people

Creating foundational communication norms to enhance soft skills, engage in meaningful conversations and drive performance. There are simple things that you can do to set your team and culture apart from the test. We have the skills, experience and processes to help you make teamwork your competitive advantage and win the war to develop talent.

We can help you attain these wins by leveraging your #1 asset; YOUR PEOPLE by:

  1. Developing a sustainable Human Resource Infrastructure for your organization. We work along side your team as your HR resource and/or we can add ‘horsepower’ for projects to develop your organization
  2. Produce statistically validated data to guide your people strategy and decision making using assessment and diagnostics.
  3. Develop and deliver engaging training and workshop series to increase performance and develop leading edge behaviours at all levels of the organization.

Our topical expertise includes:

  1. Leadership Development – Elevate your team through our customized leadership programs. We can develop and deliver a complete program or work with you to deliver our programs amongst your existing leadership development program.
  2. Everything DiSC® Training and Assessments – The world leading behavioral assessment programs that we can administer and deliver or you can become certified to deliver. Choose from Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders, Management, Sales, Workplace, Productive Conflict or our 363 for Leaders® program.
  3. The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ program – The world leading team development theory simplified through a powerful facilitation process.
  4. Team Building – Enhance communication and team effectiveness through a customized team development program.
  5. Management Training – Integrate essential day to day management skills like decision making, problem solving, budgeting, supervisory skills and performance management into your employee development program.
  6. Communication and Conflict Resolution – Continue to develop the essential soft skills that winning organizations employ. From courageous conversations to productive conflict to powerful presentation skills, these impactful workshops will be tailored to your team.
  7. Sales and Customer Service – Develop a proactive, customized approach to winning business and keeping your best customers. Today’s markets require critical thinking, strategy, teamwork, exceptional communication and networking skills and of course asking for the business. One size does not fit all, we tailor our approach to your team and your market.
  8. PROSCI® Change Management – Emphasize the people side of change and the probability of success of your change projects increases dramatically. Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Action Reinforcement. Learn how to apply this methodology to your change projects.
  9. Governance and Strategy – Train your boards on Governance Best Practices, how to develop and implement a strategic plan, update your policies, and create committees. We also provide Board Governance training for First Nation’s Chief and Council and their boards and committees.
  10. Project Management - It’s easy to forget the “manager” part of your “project manager” title amongst all the activity during a project. However, it is crucial that you hone your management skills as they are an important part of your success as a project manager. There are also some advanced project management techniques that you can master to help bring your projects to the next level.
  11. Train the Trainer Certification available – we are always adding online and in-person certification courses in Canada and the US for our Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors™ brands. Please contact us today for an updated schedule. We are part of a select group of partners that acts as a certifying body for Everything DiSC®