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“To achieve any goal, we need to create a vision, build alignment
and execute with the right resources”

Experience the Difference that Morris Interactive brings with their focus on relationships to achieve results for your organizational goals. We have created long-term relationships due to our ability to assess organizational problems and opportunities through a multitude of lenses. This experience, preparation and resource alignment has allowed us to build and lend our expertise to clients on solutions related to:

Strategic Planning

Do you have the relationships that you need to WIN new and ongoing business? Do you have the right strategic partnerships and joint ventures in place? This strategic service connects suppliers to markets by leveraging long-term relationships with decision makers and influencers. This service is not for everyone, but for carefully selected businesses who want to strategically link to a market space. Engage us for this service to leverage our wider suite of consulting solutions and maximize value from our team of subject matter experts.

Governance, Human Resource and Financial Policy Development

Our team has decades of experience in writing, producing, updating and creating top-notch policy documents and manuals.

Change Management Projects

We facilitate change projects related to merger, acquisition, system change, company re-organization and technology implementation .

Business Plans and Feasibility Studies

We create write and present all types of business plans a feasibility studies. We can help create a business case and narrow options for all land use, commercial, industrial and retail development projects.

Community Engagement

We facilitate community engagement consultants for Indigenous communities .

Program Evaluation and Planning

Program evaluation is a systematic method for collecting, analyzing, and using information to answer questions about projects, policies and programs, particularly about their effectiveness and efficiency.

Why Conduct an Evaluation?
There are three main reasons an organization may desire to conduct a program evaluation. Evaluation can serve as effectiveness tool, an accountability tool, or as an adaptability tool.

Find Out What Works and What doesn’t
First, evaluation encourages us to examine the operations of a program, including which activities take place, who conducts the activities, and who is reached as a result. In addition, evaluation will show how faithfully the program adheres to implementation protocols. Through program evaluation, we can determine whether activities are implemented as planned and identify program strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Accountability Tool
Program evaluation is a tool with which to demonstrate accountability to an array of stakeholders who may include funding sources, policymakers, state, and local agencies implementing the program, and community leaders. Depending on the needs of stakeholders, program evaluation findings may demonstrate that the program contributes to reducing morbidity and mortality or relevant risk factors; or that money is being spent appropriately and effectively; or that further funding, increased support, and policy change might lead to even more improved health outcomes. By holding programs accountable in these ways, evaluation helps ensure that the most effective approaches are maintained and that limited resources are spent efficiently.

Adaptability Tool: One Size Does Not Fit all
Public health programs aim to prevent or control disease, injury, disability and death. Often, public health problems involve significant and difficult changes in attitudes and risk/protective behavior of consumers and/or providers. And programs that work well in some settings fail dismally in others because of the fiscal, socioeconomic, demographic, interpersonal, and inter-organizational settings in which they are planted. Therefore, program evaluation helps us to identify what factors affect program’s effectiveness and hence adapt program to various settings.

Facilitate Indigenous Economic Development Partnerships

We have worked with over 100 First Nations and Metis organizations throughout Western Canada and can help facilitate economic development partnerships and maximize supply chain development opportunities.

Contract CFO and Management Consulting

Through the business plan and feasibility study work that we do, we continue to provide advisory, consulting and policy support to assist with budgeting, implementation of plans, writing of reports in support of the organizational leadership.

Emergency Preparedness Planning

We consult and collaborate to develop a course of action to mitigate the damage of potential events that could endanger an organization’s ability to function. This includes a plan with measures that provide for the safety of personnel, properties and facilities.

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