"Be your own entrepreneur whether or not you work for someone else." – Rebecca Minkoff

Remember hearing about Amazon’s blunder on the work culture front? No? That’s ok, let us pause for a moment while you get up to speed with the New York Times expose, "Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace".

Now that we are all on the same metaphorical page, it is important to remember that company culture does not have a set definition, it is generated by the communication and interactions of your team and your leaders.

While your company culture may need to be more competitive, if that is the type of market you operate within – there is a fine line between creating a competitive company culture and instilling "purposeful Darwinism", which may catapult you from the pan and into the fire, as we witnessed in Amazon’s case.

But how do you successfully walk that line? Well, it’s really quite simple... through communication. While there are other steps that are important to developing positive, effective work cultures this is the key stone.

Actually, you have already taken the first and most important step – recognizing that your current company culture is not reflecting the company’s priorities or achieving its full potential.

They say the first step to success is being able to admit your weaknesses...

... and change for company culture is most efficient when it is modeled by company leaders.

Last blog we talked about paying attention to your coworkers and employees, looking to determine what makes them tick – work culture wise. Now it’s time to take those observations, set goals, turn them into an action plan and put them to use building your positive work culture!

Start communicating with your team!

Ask their opinions and share yours – be transparent!

Let people know where the ship is being steered so everyone can be striving for complementary goals!

These goals are important, because company culture is about more than money. People want to know that their work makes a positive impact – and they want to have these achievements recognized and reinforced by their leaders. By providing your team with immediate, sincere feedback you are supporting this positive work culture behaviour, while simultaneously reinforcing increased performance. Your employees and coworkers want to make a positive difference, and this is made possible when company leaders provide the right environment, resources, and encouragement to do so.

At Morris Interactive we believe in practicing what we teach. We help organizations and businesses of all sizes and sectors develop work cultures that inspire at every level! However, because it all starts with people, we obviously had to start with our own! Working at Morris Interactive means that every team member’s potential is recognized and fostered. We encourage cross-generational communication and contribution to shape our business environment – because we put our best foot forward when we use every tool in our toolbox! This communication shapes our business environment, increasing engagement, productivity, and moral. We pride ourselves on being able to have conversations that don’t usually happen in the workplace. By focusing on the individuals within Morris Interactive we are able to combine all of our expertise with our team members’ values, guiding our organization to long-term success!

Without this positive and collaborative communication, reinforcement and leadership, companies may find themselves in situations similar to that of Amazons’... back peddling to repair the damage a negative – rather than positively competitive- work culture. This can not only negatively impact your public image, but your productivity and bottom line as well. Companies in these poor work culture positions run the risk that their competitors will see the work culture `light` first, taking not only more of your business, but your most valuable resource- your people.

Tune in next blog to learn more about how to be that company... the one with excellent work culture, that competes for its competitors most valuable resource – because it really does Start With People.


Katie Penstone is the Communications Manager at Morris Interactive.